RBF Ventures

The Russian-Belarusian venture capital fund RBF Ventures was established in 2016. The fund’s managing partners are the RVC Infrafund and Belarusian Innovative Foundation. The size of the fund is more than $ 20 million.

Fund focus:

  • Technological start-ups of the seed stage;
  • Companies in the growth stage (A).

The purpose of the fund is to form a modern investment instrument for the development of companies based on Belarusian and Russian high-tech.

Investments are provided in the form of an equity entry or by issuing a convertible loan. The target share of the fund is from 10 to 40%.

Investments in Projects at the Seed Stage:

  • Investments up to $ 300 thousand;
  • The need for a co-investor for 25% of the investment amount;
  • Possibility of follow-on investments.

Investments in Projects at the Growth Stage (round A):

• Investments up to $ 2 million;
• Equity entry or convertible loan
• Flexibility and market approach when structuring a deal


AgroDroneGroup is a company specialized in drone complexes, scientific methodologies and software to meet the priority demands of agriculture.


Stage: Seed


Investments 2018.

The ecosystem of the company’s products includes portable home projectors with activated subscriptions to the content provided by CINEMOOD, MOOLT edition and CINEMOOD ivi edition.


Stage: Series A

IT Soft&Hardware

Investments 2019.

RocketData is a SaaS-platform for managing of company’s locations in digital space. Service also tracks and synchronizes reviews from multiple sources.


Stage: Seed

IT Software

Investments 2019.

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