Republican competition of innovative projects

The purpose consists in creation of a comprehensive system for encouraging innovation in the country, increasing its attractiveness in the business environment, involving young people in innovative activity.

The competition is held in the following nominations:

  • “The best innovative project”;
  • “The best youth innovative project”.

8 steps to successfully participate in the competition:

  1. Register on the competition website;
  2. Submit an application;
  3. Develop a Business plan for the project;
  4. Attach to the electronic application the Business plan of the innovation project;
  5. Print the Application, Passport and Business plan of the project;
  6. Sign the Passport of the innovation project and the title page of the Business Plan;
  7. Deliver a set of documents in hard copy to BIF in person (office 103) or send it by letter to the address: 220072, Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue 68-2, office 103;
  8. Take part in a free training seminar.

Facts about the Republican competition of innovative projects:

  • Founded in 2010;
  • Main prize: $ 1000 + up to $ 6500 for project development;
  • 12 winners annually;
  • Assistance in developing business plans;
  • 2 nominations every year.

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